About us

We are a full-service marketing agency based in Egypt, committed to driving success for businesses of all sizes. Since our inception in 2015, we’ve honed our expertise, expanded to the Saudi market, and served over 50 satisfied clients. Our relentless pursuit of creative ideas ensures that we deliver effective marketing solutions at competitive prices. Let’s make waves together!

About the CEO

To establish a unique brand that lives forever, you have to do it the right way!
And that's exactly what Mr. Mohamed Naiem - CEO & Founder at Shark And Shrimp Agency - successfully did, in a short while.
After he graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, ASU - Business Administration Major, Mohamed additionally got his MBA. He started his career path aiming to work for the top companies and in various fields.
Such as: Abu Dhabi Airports, FGB Bank, Daman Company, The group Company, and CISCO International Company. Not only that, but he also worked as Marketing Executive Director at Cenderellas Services.
Mr. Mohamed didn't stop here, he additionally kept proving himself till he became Business Operation Manager at Vodafone.
By 2017, Mohamed Founded his own business - Shark And Shrimp Marketing Agency - And he kept on improving his brand till it became one of the top agencies in MENA, in a field and timing that's not easy at all.
By 2023, Shark And Shrimp Marketing Agency won MEA Markets award for the most innovative performance marketing agency of 2023.
Later this year, he started his new branch in Saudi Arabia - 7 seas
Marketing Agency.

Why choose us?

Business Driven
We don't just improvise it. We take the time to understand your industry and define the success that suits you then we own it, With a laser-sharp focus, Our team develop a plan, delivers solutions, and analyzes the impact to ensure your business objectives are met.
Verified Expertise
We are always up to date about the latest trends in the market and are always keen to work on creative directions and innovative solutions. Thus, to make huge differnces and leaving an impact and good results in any project we go through.
Your Partners in Success
We deal with your business as the owners of the business and not just your marketing agency. We learn your business needs, share our knowledge and work hand-in-hand to exceed expectations and strive together.
We Find Solutions
Our motto is "Fall 7 times, stand up 8". We have the ability to face and cleverly solve every obstacle that faces our clients and work hard to avoid any future issues and achieve the best results.

Shark and Shrimp was founded and we started to bring out new marketing strategies to the Egyptian market.

Working conscientiously with passion, we successfully expanded to the Saudi market.

We grew big, our team increased from 10 to 30 and collaborated with 50 Happy clients.

It was a tough year for all. We achieved many milestones and success stories.

Our team grew bigger and increased from 30 to 50+ employees and we successfully worked with 100+ clients from various industries in the Egyptian and Saudi markets.

Continuing our legacy, we estalished 2 sister companies, Fort Knox Safety Solutions. Aiming to not only become a well established brand, but also to become an influential integrated group that catrers to all of our clients' needs.

A momentous year of achievement as we proudly secured the MEA Markets Award for the "Most Innovative Performance Marketing Agency." Building on this success, we embarked on an exciting new venture with the launch of our latest branch, 7 Seas, In Saudi Arabia. This expansion opens new doors for innovative collaborations.

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